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What do you want from your Smart Home?

Reducing energy usage and saving on bills are fast becoming some of the more appealing aspects of making your home "smart". In this great article from PC mag, we hear about what most people are looking for in a smart home:

"We asked respondents what appeals most to them about using a smart home device. For 37 percent of people, it's simply about making their lives easier. Smart homes are designed to automate away the manual complexity of home life... Finally, it's about the bottom line. Maximizing energy efficiency was the top benefit of smart home devices for an additional 21 percent of respondents, while for the last 14 percent, equipping their homes with smart devices simply came down to saving money... A conscientious home owner can use that connected power to take a big chunk out of monthly utility bills."

Do you ever come home to find you've left the fan on all day cooling down a house with nobody in it? What a waste of energy! SMARTOWER's scheduling function makes sure your fan automatically turns off while you're at work. ___________

Read the full PC Mag article here:  https://uk.pcmag.com/…/building-a-smarter-home-heres-where-…

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